MINING 4.0 A space for professional academic discussion where they can integrate and develop new strategies that allow the incorporation of new methodologies in the mining sector.




Supervisor Metalurgista Data Science & Analytics
Gran Minería – Perú

check Artificial Intelligence, generative AI applied to mining.

check Mining automation (vehicles, drilling rigs, robots, etc.) 

check Digitalization, IoT, sensors.

check Communications, LTE Networks.

check Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning.

check Integrated Remote Operation Centers (IROC).

check Metaverse in mining education/training.

check Virtual reality/augmented reality.

check Digital Transformation and Digital Twins.

check IT OT Cybersecurity.

check Green mining, hydrogen and new energies.

check Future HR skills and new strategies in education. 

check Mining of the future.

check Machine learning for production optimization.

check Digital twins for new mining projects.

check Digital innovation in tailings, sustainability, safety, environment.

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